Due to the geographical situation between Spain and France, Andorra has been always a multicultural country.

The official language is Catalan, but in Andorra people also speak Spanish, English and French.

This multicultural aspect added to the factor that Andorra is a really attractive tax jurisdiction has been the perfect scenario for several new investors.

If you are pretending to change your residency into Andorra you must know that there are different possibilities to obtain the residence permit.

1. Passive residence (non lucrative residence): for all that people that don’t pretend to work in Andorra, just live and pay their taxes here (this is the perfect scenario for instance for retirement).
2. Active Residence: for all that people that want to work in Andorra (through their own business or working for a third person).
3. International projection Residence: for all those people that wants to reside in Andorra but they have some business abroad and they can’t live more than 183 days in Andorra.

I can help you during this immigration procedure that will bring you unique advantages such as income taxes of maximum 10%, but also the high living standard that Andorra has to offer its residents. High per capita income, nearly no crime, excellent public school and health systems as well as a relatively low cost of living compared to other similar low income tax jurisdictions in Europe.